09 December 2009


I have said what I had always felt. There's nothing wrong voicing out opinions and stating out incidents that have actually happened. If that annoys you, well, these are the things that you have done. Alternatively, don't read my blog. I didn't even inform you guys about this post, so this shows that you guys have been stalking me. If you wanna read, you should just accept the contents of my blog.

I never once denied that I am childish. I admit that I am. But do you?

I am glad that there are people who are by my side. Because these are the people who made me realise that I should live my life for them, and not too be overly-concerned by those who don't like me.

No point commenting back to those who cannot identify the "twisted facts", or use the correct word, i.e. "we are all SENTIENT creatureS"

In any case, after 5 years of writing, I shall close down this blog. Nothing to do with these inconsiderate and selfish platoon mates -- they aren't that important to influence my decisions -- but I just couldn't find the long-lost enthusiasm in blogging anymore. I'd rather post short messages on my Facebook status. I may start a new blog some time later if I feel like it, but it's hard to say when, or will I even do it.

We'll see how.

P.S. Even if I want to spend 3 hours writing an account of my experiences, that's pretty much my business, isn't it? In any case, you also spent quite some time reading it, didn't you?